Kwik-Store / Flat Pack Modular Storage Units

Kwikspace Ireland; Kwik-Store  / Flat Pack Modular  Storage Units


Kwik-Store Storage Units are manufactured in Europe by the leading manufacturer in this sector, having developed the idea 15 years ago and progressively improved on the designs year on year they are now exported worldwide.

These specially designed storage units are man portable and the sections are easily moved by two people allowing them to be installed where needed even in the most inaccessible areas.

Kwikspace Ireland; Kwik - Store


Kwik-Store modular design means it can easily be linked side to side or end to end with other similar units with a specially designed linking kit ( optional extra) All units have a range of optional accessories including shelving, entrance ramps, Security locking bar, adjustable feet, forklift pockets etc.
Storage units also include 4 x lifting eyes attached to 12mm steel rods securely attached to the chassis for lifting into place by crane once assembled.

There is also the option of External Powder coated painting in Green RAL 6005 or Blue RAL 5010 with other colours available on special orders

Units are available in sizes 2m , 3m and 4m (Length) Option of linking units together with linking kits for extended storage space.


 Applications where Kwik-Store can be used are vast due to its robust design and flexibility. Here are just a few.....

Construction sites needing secure storage with limited access space
Development associations needing secure storage
Outside Selfstorage and inside Selfstorage Business's
Storage units for School yards
Local authorities
Golf Clubs
Yacht clubs
Self build housing
Outside storage for Factories / Industrial plants
Landscape Gardeners
Home owners needing more storage space

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Pre-fitted 18 mm OSB Wooden floor screwed to galvanised steel profile frame


The Chassis system is constructed from  Box profile galvanised steel profiles giving  the structure  strength and rigidity


0.6 mm box profile galvanised steel panels. the panels are strengthened with corrugated shape profile combined with with a galvanised steel frame section around the edge of each panel.


0.6 mm corrugated galvanised steel panel and includes two integral gutters for effective rain water dispersal to all four corners


0.6 mm box profile galvanised steel panel opening outwards. The door is mounted into a steel frame with stainless steel hinges and includes two  64 mm Euro deadlock with replaceable cylinders and includes a roller catch.


Four 12 mm diameter steel rods are used to connect the roof to the chassis section. These also form the lifting eyes for use with crane. Additional roof security bolts are supplied to prevent external access to the Man portable building.


Optional powder coating in Green (RAL 6005) or Blue (RAL 5010)  Other colours from the standard RAL range are available on request

The manufacturers have a continuous Design and R&D programme and reserve the right to change specifications and dimensions without prior notice.