Kwik-Chem / Flat Pack Modular Chemical Storage Units

Kwikspace Ireland; Kwik-Chem  / Flat Pack Modular  Chemical Storage Units


KWIK-CHEM chemical storage units are the ideal solution for the storage of hazardous chemicals in a safe and secure manner. These Chemical Storage units manufactured by Europe's leading manufacturer are extensively used in a wide range of industries and in different types of sectors, as more emphasis is placed on the safe storage of chemicals in both the Industrial / Commercial and the Agricultural sectors these Chemical storage units are vitally important structures in this regard.

KWIK-CHEM chemical storage units are available in sizes 2m , 3m and 4m (Length) and are capable of being linked together either back to back or side by side by using the special linking kits  (optional extra).
Kwik-Chem units have a fully galvanised body with a powder coated painted Door and  sump .Designed with double door for easy access, sumped base for containment of spillages and suspended galvanised  steel grate system with loading capacity of 1000kg.
Optional Extras include  steel shelving, access ramps, door security bar

Key Features

Man portable and can be assembled in otherwise in accessible areas inside buildings or outside
Highly flexible, Can be assembled in 45 minutes
Modular design, can be extended by linking similar units side by side or end to end
Completely galvanised structure
No special tools required to assemble the building
Everything needed is included in the pack ( socket Set required)
Can be converted into flat pack when not required anymore

Kwikspace Ireland; Kwik - Chem


Kwikspace Ireland; Kwik - Chem



All components of the Kwik-Chem store are specially packed to ensure that no damage occurs during transportation, loading or unloading.

Please note the manufacturers have a continuous design and R&D programme and reserve to right to change specifications or dimensions without prior notice.


The main construction components of the Kwik-Chem Storage unit are as follows


Sumped Chassis base galvanised steel with powder coated  sump complete with suspended galvanised steel floor grate. The floor has a standard 1000kg loading capacity.


0.60 mm box profile galvanised steel panels. All Panels have been strengthened with galvanised steel frame sections along the edge of each panel. The roof section has two integral gutters for effective dispersal of  rain water from the container roof.


0.60 mm box profile galvanised steel panels with powder coated finish. The doors are mounted in to the frame with stainless steel hinges and include 64 mm Euro deadlocks with replaceable cylinders and a central roller catch.Double door width as standard on Kwik-Chem units: 1900 mm hinged on the right and left with outward opening.


Four 12 mm diameter steel rods are used to connect the roof to the chassis. These also form lifting eyes for use by crane when the building is assembled. Additional rood security bolts are supplied to prevent external access to the building.
The Double doors and Sump are powder coated in Red RAL 3000